The Mystery Blogger Award

Hello again kind-hearted living soul🙋🙋👋. I'm very happy, wait no, I'm over the word happy. I'm excited. This is basically my first blogger award ever since I joined the blogging world. This award crossed my path because of one person, another fellow blogger and someone I believe I can now call a friend. I want... Continue Reading →


A-Z Post 🎶Favourite Sounds🎶

Hey guys😘. I'm back with another post. I'm just going to share some of my favourite sounds with you guys. It's quite short, but rewarding. This music playlist is mixed. I decided to put in some old and new sounds. I also made it different genres so that it doesn't get boring😉😀. There are a... Continue Reading →

What if💦…

What If you woke up one day, and everything or everyone that you loved was gone?😶😶...what if there was no one to help you with something you need to do, no one to love you, no one to keep you from doing all the wrong decisions in your life, no one you can trust, no... Continue Reading →


Ever thought about keeping something more like an online journal? I'm gonna start off by being honest. I haven't really given much thought on starting a blog but there was always a small part of me that convinced me to. That's why I'm surprised as to why I created this blog because I never really... Continue Reading →

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